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  • Ash B129-77-74-98-Q236
Ash Set B129-31-36-46-77-74-98-92-Q236 Ash B129-77-74-98-Q236

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White Queen Sleigh Bedroom Set.

This Sleigh bedroom set carries a White Finish. Friezes w/ carved scrolls motifs. With this White Finish and this nice hardware perfectly complementing the rich finish, this bedroom collection adds a sense of sophistication to any bedroom. Sleep within the bedroom of your dreams with the contemporary beauty of the “White Sleigh Bedroom Set” bedroom collection. This Bedroom Set will add style and class to any decor.

Group Includes: Queen Size Sleigh Headboard, Sleigh Footboard, Rails & supports, Dresser, Mirror, Night-Stand & Five Drawer Chest.

Dresser : 15.83″D x 32.48″H x 59.76″W
Bedroom Mirror : 1.46″D x 41.06″H x 37.24″W
Five Drawer Chest : 15.83″D x 45.08″H x 29.76″W
Queen Sleigh Footboard : 7.09″D x 28.46″H x 62.83″W
Queen Sleigh Headboard : 7.09″D x 44.49″H x 62.68″W
Two Drawer Night Stand : 15.83″D x 24.92″H x 20.28″W
Queen Sleigh Rails : 76.93″D x 11.18″H x 62.28″W

Color: White Finish.

* This Bed is also available in King Size.

1199.99 $899.99

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